Advanced Wheelie School

Ride safe with the Extreme Wheelie learn new skills in a safe controlled environment


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This Is The Next Level Of Motorcycle Control, That Gives You That Edge For Motorcycle stunts, Giving You Even More Control Of  Your Motorcycle.


  The Next level For Advanced Riders

Over the last 10 Years we have been building up the Ultimate Wheelie School, for you to gain great results great control and know how, In how to control that Wheelie every time, our teaching techniques are like no others, with great results.

So we were asked by you for other courses at Extreme Wheelie that would teach you even more skills other than your standard wheelie, So we have now decided to bring to Extreme Wheelie By popular demand a advanced wheelie school,  Our new approach to motorcycle skills by our learning techniques and advanced skills used by professionals in all the areas in motorcycle stunts and extreme advanced riding schools all under one roof. Please do NOT confuse this course from your standard courses out there, this course is more extreme and far more demanding than any other Motorcycle courses, you will need to be competent on a motorcycle for this course, You will have to have full confidence in your ability to control that wheelie or have been on our other wheelie course.

This Advance course is so demanding on you as a rider, we will be only running this course for four hours with Eight persons, two to a bike, this will be continuous riding with no breaks, we will have a morning and a afternoon course to choose from.

What will you gain with us

A course with four new bits of kit designed to help you stay safe and progress quickly to past balance point. Learning the skill to control your height with the rear break.

On this course you will learn how to ride safe in all areas.

Be more confident in all areas.
More confidence in a high wheelie.
Using your body position to become part of the motorcycle to increase the stability of your bike,
Understanding how your bike reacts in a high wheelie.

You will also learn what your motorcycle is really capable of with some simple and explained techniques, and how you can actually make it handle on the rear wheelie. Sometimes you can make your motorcycle unstable at times without knowing what you have done to cause this.

We have Two wheelie courses available.

Course 1: £225 Full Day

This course is for beginners and novice riders.



Course 2: £245 Half Day

This exciting new course we have set up for you to gain a high level of riding ability, this course has a high demand on you, mentally and physically, this is why the day is only Four hours, course 1, is recommended if you are a beginner or novice, course 2, is only recommended for experienced and advanced riders that have some degree of controlling a wheelie, we are so excited about this course as it does put your riding ability’s to the test.


course 1 will need to be completed before you can complete course 2.

Each of our course are to build on the previous one to completely transform your riding. So with two of our course now available, there’s something for everyone and loads to gain. From the beginner to the experienced even advanced riders are welcome.

So if you want a full filled day riding, learning and having great fun, then this is for you.