Extreme Wheelie Feedback

Awesome day today ,Well planned out and all comes together very nicely. Finished the day balancing with the rear brake which is more than I hoped for. Can I come back tomorrow?
Stu White
Extremley happy today not a clue how to wheelie (propely) before and after most of the day being a total fail video star the guys at Extreme Wheelie had me bashing out a proper ripper couldnt be more happy or impressed with how well the guys spot then help you deal with “any” issues you may have. I now have full confidence to go out and put into practice what i have been taught today.
P.S. see you soon guys lets see what you can get me doing next �����Thanx for everything “Evil” �

Swa Ssj

Absolutely fantastic day! Thank you so much guys! I just want another go now!

Olli Teare

Absolutely fantastic day!!  40yrs on bikes n never known how to wheelie, didnt hold out much hope of learnin either, but these guys showed me in easy to digest, little nuggets and lo and behold, i can now sit on back wheel for bout 70, 80ft no probs!! I highly recommend these guys
Wayne Douglas

Loved every minute!! Excellent day at Extreme Wheelie, Taught an old dog some new trick, If you thought about this then definitely bite the bullet and book it,Only down side, the day went to fast lol. Big thank you to Steve and Ash, also the team, Definitely will see you next year sometime, now get your self North of the border to the promise land 🙂

Jim Baird

The lads are a wicked bunch. You learn so much in a day they explain it so even an idiot like me can understand.We are now planning the next one.
One of the best days out I’ve ever had Thank you so much Lads seen you all soon

Andy Austin

What can i say other than WOW ! Been on other wheelie schools but nothing as good as this, the way they teach you is awesome, in little bits through out the day, end result “i am wheeling” Just can’t believe how good of a day this was, as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say “ill be back”

Peter Jones

Fantastic day! with Steve, Ash, Nik and the team. It was a full on day and like most people I learned so much. I was exhausted by the end lol. Great great people. Don’t just think about booking your place, do it.

Jamie Downing

Absolutely loved it! Had this as a surprise birthday present and was so nervous at the beginning, but with taking a different route with me to be able to wheelie in a safe control way, I managed to do it in the end. Great support from the whole team and so lovely! Can’t wait till I can go back again � thank you all!

Darian Vincent

Fantastic day. Steve and Ash are the viagra of the biking world. Could I fuck get it up before today! �
Fantastically relaxed and encouraging instruction and an ideal venue. Only Steve’s nekid wheelies could make it better.�

Adam Abel

Had a great day at Rufforth with the Extreme Wheelie guys. They are very knowledgeable and gave great advice. A busy day and I was never bored. Don’t think I’ll be taking on Gary Rothwell anytime soon but a highly recommended day.
Thanks guys!

Ian Dally Gray