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Urban Freestyle

Questions and Answers

What is Urban Freestyle
The Urban Freestyle Courses are motorcycle based gymkhana, this is a time trial sport where you ride your bike through a course in the shortest time possible. The course is made up of various obstacles.
In a no pressure environment you get the chance to improve your Riding skills finding the best flow to navigate your way through the courses

Why would I want to attend an Urban Freestyle Course
As a Motorcycle rider you often have to navigate a car park or move between cars in slow traffic. We need to maneuver our bike at low speed all the time yet most of us neglect these skills. This is where our courses provide a great way to improve your riding abilities and at the same time have a lot of fun

What Skills can I hope to work on
You will be encouraged to work on your Throttle, Brake, Clutch, steering and body position, please do NOT confuse this course from your standard courses out there, this course is more extreme and far advance than advance riding courses, you will need to be competent on a motorcycle for this course, although we do take beginners, we do know another company that will take you through your basic control riding.

Can I use my own Bikes

Yes as long as your Motorcycle is in good working order, all the controls are fully functional and you are running a quiet exhaust, we encourage that you use your own bike, the new skills that you learn you take with you instantly.

Can I hire your Bikes

Yes we have 5 bikes available for hire on a first come first serve basis

Can I buy a Gift Voucher but not commit to a date
Yes, no problem. Gift Vouchers can be purchased for £50.00 or above. Vouchers can be redeemed against any of our UK school dates.
Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase after which date the voucher lapses. No refund will be given under any circumstances.

What time does the day start and finish
Please arrive No earlier than 09:30 ready for a 10am start
Please DONT ride or drive around our Airfield without an Instructor, it is NOT permitted
Please wait at arrival point and you will be escorted to the training area
The day will run till 4pm.

Will there be drinks and food provided
We provide complimentry tea and coffee, we recommend that you bring a pack lunch with you, although there are shops near by.

Am I insured whilst taking part
Recognising all the safety measures taken by Extreme Wheelie Ltd you must be fully aware of and fully accept the risks and dangers inherent in the activity which you are participating in.
You must accept the scope, nature and extent of the inevitable risks that are involved with practicing Wheelie Training. Therefore, you accept all types of damages and injuries including death.
You will not hold Extreme Wheelie Ltd responsible for any loss or theft of your personal belongings. You understand that if any of the above will occur you will not receive any reimbursement of any kind, not in money or goods and that the responsibility for you is solely your own.
Extreme Wheelie Ltd does not require you to have insurance cover in place on the school days. However, whilst accidents at the school are very rare, by taking part you do so at your own risk. Although Extreme Wheelie Ltd has public liability insurance cover, it is entirely your choice as to whether you arrange Third Party insurance to cover yourself. This event is a training day. There are specialist insurance companies who provide track or sports insurance, Extreme Wheelie Ltd would always recommend you look at a Third Party Insurance for your training day.

Do I need a full bike licence
All participants must hold a full valid motorcycle licence (photocard) or an ACU race licence. Overseas licences are acceptable as long as it is clear that there is full motorcycle entitlement. You’ll need to present your licence at registration when you arrive so please remember to bring it with you on the day.

Weather conditions

The event can take place if it is raining, please be prepared for any slight delays due to the weather, providing the moisture levels are low and wind speeds light to moderate it is not an acceptable reason for cancellation of bookings. Please come prepared for both Wet and Dry conditions
In Severe Weather Conditions or where the Forecast looks unfavourable Extreme Wheelie Ltd reserves the right to Cancel or Postpone the event and a new date will be chosen. An alternative date will then be arranged. If for any reason you cannot attend another date  or even be given a date of your choice, no refunds will be given.

Would this course help me take on the Extreme Wheelie School

Yes, part of our wheelie school is based around the back brake, the urban freestyle course is also based around the back brake with many other technics, giving you a head start if you decide to book on our wheelie school.

What do I need to wear
You must provide your own appropriate clothing, Helmets Gloves Boots and Leathers or the equivalent Textile Jackets and Trousers may be worn, also Waterproofs are useful

Are Spectators allowed
Yes, but only two per person taking part.

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