Venue Dates York Level 1


Wheelie School Dates Level 1

If you have a Voucher or paid a deposit and wish to book or rebook a date that suits you, please contact us by calling Steve on 07976622627 or by email at to be contacted.


All confirmation/information is sent out by first class post

Please beware These Dates Are Subject To Change, Due To Covid And Weather.


April Dates

April 10th,11th, Cancelled Due to Covid
April 24th  Fully Booked 
April 25th  Fully Booked

May Dates

May 1st Fully Booked 
May 2nd Fully Booked
May 8th Fully Booked
May 9th Fully Booked 

May 22nd Fully Booked
May 23nd Fully Booked 
May 29th Fully Booked
May 30th Fully Booked

June Dates

June 5th Fully Booked

June 6th Fully Booked
June 12th Fully Booked
June 13th Fully Booked

June 26th Fully Booked 

June 27th Fully Booked

July dates

July 3rd Fully Booked 
July 4th Fully Booked
July 10th To be confirmed 
July 11th To be confirmed
July 17th To be confirmed
July 18th To be confirmed



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