Venue Dates York Level 1


Wheelie School Dates York Level 1

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“Important Notice”

Following the Government’s Coronavirus latest advice Extreme Wheelie has taken the decision to postpone up coming school dates. Optional extras are available to purchase for birthdays or any other special occasions, these can be purchased under vouchers, If you have a booking in May or June then we’ll be in touch with you shortly.
As you’ll appreciate, with the fluidity of the Coronavirus pandemic, we’re not able to provide a rescheduled date at the moment, but don’t worry, your booking will be held and transferred to a new date. We’ll be back in touch as soon as we’re able to return to schools activity and arrange a new date for you.

March Dates

March 20th Postponed

March 21st  Postponed

March 28th Postponed

March 29th Postponed

April Dates

April 18th Postponed

April 19th Postponed

April 25th Postponed

April 26th Postponed

May Dates 

May 9th Fully Booked

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