Wheelie Machine

Wheelies are the granddaddy of all street freestyle stunts and they can be the simplest and the most complex trick in a professional stunt riders routine. While a standard sit down wheelie is almost elementary in execution the fear of dropping your bike or hurting yourself normally keeps both wheels planted firmly on the ground.
Enter the world of Extreme Wheelie and brace yourself for the ride of your life. This amazing machine is both a motorcycle simulator and a virtual reality experience in one bit of kit. It gives riders experience of slow and high speed wheelies in a safe, controlled environment without damaging themselves or their bike.

Extreme Wheelie puts safety first, teaching riders to control those unexpected wheelies improving rider control and confidence. If you want to learn extreme bike control, this is the safe way (for you and the bike) to do it!

If you have always longed for the thrill of the elusive wheelie or want to know how to control the unexpected wheelie – here is your chance.