Wheelie School Pro Level 2

Ride safe with the Extreme Wheelie school and learn new skills in a safe, controlled environment.

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Extreme Wheelie School

Pro level 2


Have you had enough of chasing that wheelie at fast speeds? Yes! Then you need to read on!


At Extreme Wheelie we so excited to bring you our all new Pro level 2, this course is an continuation from level 1, assuming you are now familiar with our technique and confidant with the bike lifting to the sky after attending  level 1, then Pro level 2 is the next course for you. Pro level 2 is designed to allow a now more confidant rider to learn to wheelie higher and slower for longer, to then feel that “SWEET SPOT” aka balance point! this will defiantly give you a smile that would have to be surgically removed as you will have experienced what some riders will never experience, feeling  awesome achieving your goal in mastering this skill, and all at low speed.. 

Pro level learning kit

Lets tell you little more about this exciting bit of kit that’s taken two years to perfect to work as it should like no others. Our Pro level 2 equipment is completely unlike level 1, with our advanced Pro level 2 equipment where we can adjust and control side to side motion and vertical movement as you progress, this gives you chance to gain confidence and work towards the balance point “THE SWEET SPOT”  as we are a honest school we will remind all participants that your progression will always depend on your own ability and riding conduct to how much you will achieved. 

Progression on Pro level 2

This part of Pro level 2 is where throttle and brake control is more advanced than level 1, clutch control is also a big part of the course when executed altogether at slow speeds to lift smoothly, Once this technique is mastered you will then learn how to carry the wheelie in full control in a manner which keeps you safe with the rear brake without snapping at the throttle, which can be inconsistent if used incorrectly, you will also learn how to land the wheelie without causing your self other predicaments which could land you in all sorts of trouble if your out of control, the wheelie is not over until the front wheel is down safely and brought under control, all this in a safe and controlled environment. 

Extreme Wheelie are unlike any other wheelie school in the UK as we are all professionals and professionally backed by Yamaha UK  and have been running for over 15 years and we teach you a safe technique that’s been proven by most professionals and stunt riders, also stuntmen all over the world. All our instructors are professionals in their field of practice; Our teaching ratio is 2:1 giving you a more personalized and enjoyable experience.

Extreme Wheelie is also part of the Yamaha Experience where you can attend different venues learning all different skills. No other wheelie school in the UK is attached to something like this.     

Yamaha Motor UK is one of our current sponsors, so all our bikes are brand new with up to date technology, using MT-03s for Pro Level 2, the new 2021 MT-07s & MT-09s for level 1.

Great news for you as an Extreme wheelie customer, Knox armour will be joining Extreme Wheelie and giving Exclusive deals to the Extreme Wheelie School customers. 

There is a café on site for your morning breakfast and cuppa, also you will be able to pre-order your lunch for when we take that well deserved break at midday.

About your Extreme Wheelie Day

Our bikes are from the Yamaha MT range, which includes the new MT-03’s, which are the latest models from 2021.

We currently run from 10am to 4pm, with a 30 minute break around midday.

Your day begins with some very important safety talks, which lasts around 40 minutes, some do’s and don’ts. You will then be put into groups for the first part of the morning, then joining together for the rest of the day, two to a bike.

You will then do continuous riding with around 5-10 minutes on, and 5-10 minutes off, ride hard rest more.

Extreme Wheelie Machine

Enter the world of Extreme Wheelie and brace yourself for the ride of your life, for the first part of the morning in a small group you will be put through many training exercises so you gain a understanding of a wheelie without moving along.

About the Extreme Wheelie Trainer

The extreme wheelie trainer is a mechanical device that allows you to wheelie without the fear of flipping the bike. This will gradually and confidently build you up to balance point using the brake control.
Unlike the electrical devices that some schools use, the Extreme Wheelie Trainer allows you to sit on the balance point of the wheelie.
Due to this you will be able to achieve your wheelie in a shorter space of time.

What To Wear

You must provide your own appropriate clothing; Helmet and Gloves, leathers (either race suit or two piece) or a textile equivalent jacket and trousers (heavy duty jeans may be worn at a minimum), footwear such as motorcycle boots or Dr Martins (walking boots are also acceptable).


Although we run the course on an all weather surface, in heavy rain/wind or icy conditions, in the interest of your safety we reserve the right to postpone the course. An alternative date will then be arranged. If for any reason you cannot attend another date  or even be given a date of your choice, no refunds will be given.

How Do I Get There?

You need to make your way to Rufforth Airfield East, YO23 3QA
Once on the airfield, follow signs for the wheelie school.

From York:
Follow the B1224 to Whetherby. The airfield is on the left hand side after the haulage firm and just before the village of Rutherforth, signposted Private Road.
Follow the road round until you see a sign to the microlight school.
Turn right then immediately left and head straight on, we shall be there to meet you.

From A1/M1:
Follow the A64 to A1237.
Follow A1237 until the roundabout for the B1224 signposted Rutherford.
Follow the instructions above.


All visitors that are accompanied by the rider must abide by the same arrival information, it is the riders responsibility to notify their visitor’s of all our safety information on arriving at our site. Roaming around the airfield will not be tolerated and will be asked to leave, this is for your safety as this is a live airfield. Thank you